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Friday, May 11, 2012


Kuwait, where more than ten percent of the world’s estimated oil reserves can be found, is an exciting tourist attraction for many. It is also a place to gaze into a relaxed doorway of the Muslim world. Locals love to wander around souks, mosques and other sandy traces of ancient Bedouin days. The weather here is beautiful throughout the year, where average temperatures range from 107° to 115°. The summers are relentlessly long, punctuated by dramatic dust storms and exciting thunderstorms. If you are looking for an evening out, Middle Eastern food and hookah lounges, where patrons can smoke the water pipe or shisha, is a very popular pastime. Behind the extravagant richness, lies traditional values and warm Arabian hospitality.
Places of interest in Kuwait include the Kuwait Towers, one of the most famous landmarks of Kuwait. Another local diversion is the Kuwait Annual Pearl Diving Festival, which helps the current generation of young people experience the hardship and excitement of pearl diving, which their forefathers once experienced. Hotels and accommodations are affordable and provide a variety of accommodation choices to suit most people's budgets. Shopping is also an important part of the economy here as well. The Avenues Mall is the largest mall and shopping center in the Middle East. And don’t forget to see the great sunsets with two suns setting every evening.



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